New Beginning, a Leap into the future
New Beginning, a Leap into the future
New Beginning, a Leap into the future
New Beginning, a Leap into the future
New Beginning, a Leap into the future
    • The world is rapidly changing with technology evolving and improving very fast. It is true that organic materials and fibers have attracted lots of interests due to their outstanding characteristics in industry and advanced scientific technology as well as basic materials in human life. The organic materials and fibers can be used in the area of textiles, shoes, tires, furniture, electrical/household/medical appliances,
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      Metallic and Metallic Hybrid Nanomaterials LabMetallic and Metallic Hybrid Nanomaterials Lab
      Pure metal, metal oxides and metallic-hybrid nanomaterials are new classes of materials received special interest due to novel...더보기
      Professor Nasser A. M. Barakat
      Phone 063.270.2363
      Polymer Processing LabPolymer Processing Lab
      Fibers are mainly used as materials for fabrics, however, the application of fibers are broadened to... 더보기
      Professor Kim, Hwan-Chul
      Phone 063.270.2356
      Organic/inorganic nanomaterials LabOrganic/inorganic nanomaterials Lab
      Nano- means one by one milion housand meter in size, that is, the...더보기
      Professor Kim, Hak Yong
      Phone 063.270.2351
      Wet-Processing LabWet-Processing Lab
      Fiber wet process is 1. Wet spinning to manufacture fiber by using polymer solution...더보기
      Professor Chung, Yong Sik
      Phone 063.270.2350
      Smart Nanomaterials Research LabSmart Nanomaterials Research Lab
      The major macromolecular of all living creatures, both animal and... 더보기
      Professor Khil, Myung-Seob
      Phone 063.270.4635
      Advanced Structures and Composites LabAdvanced Structures and Composites Lab
      New products made from lightweight, high strength composite materials are appearing everywhere... 더보기
      Professor Kim, Seong Yun
      Phone 063.270.2336
      Convergence Materials and Devices LabConvergence Materials and Devices Lab
      In our group, we aim to design and synthesize the inorganic-organic hybrid nanomaterials, ... 더보기
      Professor Kim, Byoung Suhk
      Phone 063.270.2352
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